Wooden flooring, Original Face, Antique Oak Chantilly Panels detail

About our wooden floors

The wooden flooring market is large and covers a broad range of businesses providing flooring of varying quality and price. Few companies manufacture and install and fewer still do so at the high-quality end of the market. We always knew that this was a niche where we could thrive because, throughout our company, there is a philosophy that only the best is good enough.

Our team of artisans have each spent many years perfecting their craft and are the key to the success of our business. Their commitment stems from a love of the craft and the pleasure of seeing their work appreciated. When you produce something that will last for generations, you can’t help but feel a sense of pride.


Every customer’s requirements are different and we will never try to guide you towards something that isn’t exactly what you want. If you commission a bespoke floor from us, you will get a unique piece of craftsmanship manufactured and installed to your exact requirements and the highest standards. However long it takes, however many samples you need, however many times you change your mind, we’ll be with you to provide help and guidance.


Over the years, we have developed a deep understanding of interior design and how fine wood floors complement the other elements in a building. How they look, the way they feel, their acoustic and thermal qualities, all contribute to the ambience of a room. They may be the focal point or play a supporting role, but their presence has a profound influence on how a space is perceived.

From fine country houses and penthouse apartments to galleries, shops and restaurants, wooden flooring is a popular choice. While wood offers many benefits beyond the purely aesthetic, it’s not surprising that its natural beauty is what draws people to it. But creating the right look is only half the story.

Wooden floors are affected by the way in which they are used. Compare a busy restaurant with an art gallery or a domestic dining room with a church hall. The wear and tear floors are subjected to varies dramatically. Environmental conditions also have an impact. Wood is a natural material so exposure to bright sunlight and large variations in temperature or humidity can affect how it behaves.

When designing a floor, all of these factors must be considered, and we are always on hand to give advice where needed. From selecting the most appropriate timber, advising on sub-floor construction and recommending floor finishes, our team of experts cover every aspect of floor manufacture and installation.