Revitalising Internal Timberwork

Internal Timber Restoration

Bringing your timber back to life

Natural timberwork is an important feature in most traditional or heritage properties. But time can take its toll on the wood, detracting from its beauty. We can help you recapture the look and feel that contributes so much to the charm and character of your home.

We provide a full repair and restoration service for all internal timberwork, including wall panelling, stairs, handrails, doors, fireplaces and beams. With meticulous attention to detail, we can completely transform the appearance of the wood. Using stains and pigments, we can darken the colour and highlight the grain. Or we can bleach the wood to lighten the tone, avoiding heavy sanding and retaining the natural patina that has developed over many years.

Even if your timbers are in relatively good condition, we can still improve them, enriching the finish and tone with waxes and oils.