Specialist Finishes for wooden flooring and floors

Specialist Wood Floor Finishes

Creating an attractive, practical finish

The finish on your floor can make all the difference. It's not just about creating the right look and feel. It's also about choosing a practical solution for easy maintenance.

We understand that a busy shop or restaurant may need a different approach from an elegant country house. We use a carefully chosen range of high-quality finishing products and can offer expert advice on suitability. As for existing floors, we're highly skilled in traditional re-finishing methods, which revive and enhance the patina without losing the antique character of the boards.

We can also create unique special effect finishes, including personalised colour stains and grain treatments. We're happy to discuss the possibilities and provide experimental samples. Alternatively, we can apply leading brand products to an existing specification.

We'll provide maintenance advice and care products to help you ensure your floor continues to look its best. We can also offer tailored maintenance programmes if required.